Fifteen Days of Glory

7,712 photographs, 32 videos, 2,221 kilometers driving, 103 kilometers snowshoeing, 2 wildlife photographers, 1 lost shoe, and a lifetime of stories: this is the initial tale of the greatest wildlife encounter of my career, my 15 days of glory with 2 lynx — a mother and her kitten. ———————————- The first day was the hardest.  […]

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Debunking the Wolf-Livestock Myth – Wolf Week – Day 4

Here it is.  Are you ready for it? Indiscriminately killing wolves to control wolf predation on livestock is completely useless.   There, I said it.  The truth has finally been revealed!  Now let’s put an immediate end to wolf culls, wolf kill contests, and the idiocy that accompanies so much of what’s currently going on with […]

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A Wolf Kill Contest Update – Wolf Week – Day 2

When you feign ignorance, sometimes you get to hear the most interesting of stories. Like of how hunters kill wild wolves.  Over the years traveling much of Canada, I have heard some real doozies, like of the time the guy in the Yukon told me how he chased a black wolf down with his snowmobile, […]

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