About Canadian Wildlife Photo Tours and John E. Marriott

Photo courtesy of Pat Roque

In November 2008, I organized a photo tour for myself and a group of like-minded photographer friends and acquaintances to photograph polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba. Within a day of sending out an initial email to about 20 of my email contacts I had a sold-out trip, and from that, an idea was born. I suspected that there was a void in the Canadian photo tour market and I began exploring it. Since that day I’ve worked hard at finding a variety of tours, expeditions, and workshops that appeal to me and that I felt would appeal to a specific type of wildlife photographer — one who wants to go on a fantastic trip for a decent price with a good group of photographers.


My goal with Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours and Workshops is to do exactly that: provide a small, personally-run company that offers great trips to great locations for a good price. I have specifically sought out small tour operators that are familiar with working with wildlife photographers and that offer outstanding service and value on their trips. You can expect to be searching for wildlife and photographing from dawn to dusk on my trips.


On a personal note, I began photographing professionally in 1996, and have been fortunate enough over the years to see my images grace the covers of Canadian Geographic, EXPLORE, Reader’s Digest, Backpacker, Beautiful British Columbia, Our Canada, OWL, Ranger Rick, National Geographic and Outdoor Photography Canada magazines. I have four Canadian best-selling coffee table books and one international bestseller, and I have published seven photography books in total.


From a tour perspective, I have led photo tours to Knight Inlet, Churchill, the Canadian Arctic, Nunavik, the Great Bear Rainforest, Patagonia and Jasper, and have taught photography seminars and workshops in Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, Lac Le Jeune (British Columbia), and Calgary.


If you’re interested in learning more about me or my photography, please visit my Canadian Wildlife and Nature Photography website at and check out my Full Bio, my Photo Galleries, or my Nature Photography blog.