Wildlife and Nature Photography Seminars and Online Courses

Following is a listing of upcoming photography seminars, lectures, online courses and speaking engagements featuring John that may be of interest to other wildlife and nature photographers.

Wildlife Photography Seminars

HOWL Wildlife Photography Convention - November 3rd-5th, 2023 - Algonquin Park, Ontario

My seminars are available to be booked across Canada or the United States and cover everything from the backyard basics of wildlife photography to a variety of more advanced topics. The seminars include an in-depth, beginner-to-advanced overview of your optimal camera settings and techniques for a diverse range of wildlife photography encounters and situations. Seminars can also provide a full run-down of my own gear and what I consider to be must-have equipment, as well as a look at the ethics of photographing wildlife. Topics may also include how to make a career as a wildlife photographer. The more advanced seminar delves into my workflow, from editing to processing to final image preparation, and includes a complete rundown of compositional techniques for wildlife photography.

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Online Photography Courses

The Business of Photography - How to Make Money from Your Photography

Whether you’re looking to launch into a full-time nature photography career or just make some income on the side, the Business of Photography pulls together the wisdom and expertise of six leading outdoor photographers from a wide range of genres (allowing you insight into other genres to widen your scope for generating income): Paul Zizka, Dave Brosha, John E. Marriott, Viktoria Haack, Lanny Mann and Erika Jensen-Mann. 15 hours of video teaching in 30+ modules. Use code JOHNEMARRIOTT to save $50 at checkout.

I cannot recommend this course enough to any of you that are seriously considering wanting to monetize your photography. It's in-depth, it's comprehensive, it's easy to follow, and it's worth every penny. It's always been relatively easy to become a decent photographer, but what often separates the pros from the amateurs is the skills to turn their hobby into a business and lifestyle (trust me, being a full-time pro is a LOT of fun!). This course trains you to do exactly that.

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