Wolverine Fundraiser Success

Wolverine research fundraiser

The wolverine fundraiser I ran last month to raise money for Mirjam Barrueto’s wolverine research here in the Canadian Rockies and Columbia Mountains was a huge success: we raised $54,000 and the University of Calgary matched $34,000 of that. Plus, an anonymous private donour chipped to bring the total raised to a whopping $107,000, easily funding this year of Mirjam’s study and much of next year, too! Thank you so much to all of you that donated.

A wolverine track in the Canadian Rockies

I’m off to the Yukon now for a month of chasing beasts, so wish me luck! Maybe there’s another wolverine in my near future, who knows? Amazingly, the day our fundraiser ended, I actually SAW one of Mirjam’s study subjects in Kootenay National Park while driving to Radium early one morning…that’s some kind of karma, eh!

Thanks again, everyone!

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