Catching up in 2018: The latest photo news

After a long absence from my blog (it’s been over a year), I’m back with a dizzying array of new images, stories, news and links!

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Casper has a cub!

Casper and her first cub, Xeni (pronounced ‘honey’), in interior BC, September 2018

Casper, the beautiful, blonde starlet of my interior BC grizzly bear photo tours for the past seven years and of Chapter 8 of my latest book, Tall Tales, Long Lenses, showed up on the river this past September with her first ever cub! Last year she was completely absent from the river and we all feared she had been killed in the forest fires that ravaged BC last summer, or worse, had been shot as a trophy in the final season of the BC grizzly hunt last fall. But fear not, not only did she show up again this year, but she had a little bundle of joy tagging along behind her every step of the way!

Xeni looking absolutely adorable – Canon 1DX2, 500mm w 2x TC, 1/1000th @f10, ISO 2500

The photo tour this year also featured the first major snowfall I’ve ever witnessed at our secret location: we had seventeen inches over the course of three days, leading to some pretty cool shots of bears in the snow.

Casper and Xeni in a winter wonderland (can you spot Xeni?)

Of course, if you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram or even Twitter, you’ve likely seen a few of these already, so stay tuned next post for some all-new images that no one has seen yet (not even my wife)!

A grizzly walks through ice along the edge of the river on a frigid morning (it was -12)

Will trophy hunting grizzlies make the wilds safer?

For those of you that like to keep up-to-date on conservation issues related to bears in the U.S. and Canada (and beyond), this is an interesting take on whether or not trophy hunting grizzlies will make the wilderness safer for all of us, written by an avid outdoorsman and hunter from Montana, David Stalling. Well worth the read.

Will trophy hunting grizzly bears somehow make the wilderness a safer place to be?

Free shipping – exclusive blog offer

As a thank you for sticking with me over the years on this blog, I’d like to extend an offer of free shipping for any of the products on my website, to any of you in Canada or the United States. Simply visit my site, add whatever you want to the shopping cart (my wildlife greeting cards, my new book Tall Tales, my latest wolf book, etc) and enter the promo code ‘blog’ (without the apostrophes) when you check out to take advantage of this offer. Offer expires on October 31st, 2018. 

Note that there are some restrictions to this for orders from remote parts of Canada. Also note that those of you located overseas can most easily order my Tall Tales, Long Lenses book from your country’s Amazon website or from YPD Books in England at an excellent price with low shipping rates.

The latest EXPOSED episodes

And finally, if you’ve got a hankering for catching up on some of my EXPOSED with John E. Marriott web episodes, check out our latest and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to get updates as they happen. We’ve got a huge schedule of episodes planned for 2019, including an episode on Casper!

The EXPOSED with John E. Marriott web series on Youtube

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