Death by a Thousand Cuts

RANT time: great article in yesterday’s Red Deer Advocate illustrating just how devastating snaring is to wild wolves ( Imagine this gorgeous wolf slowly choking to death over the course of three or four days, because that’s exactly what happens thousands of times across Alberta each winter.

The Red Deer Advocate reports that neck snares lead to “a painful, agonizing death…in blood-spattered snow.”

It’s time Alberta stepped into the 21st century with its wildlife management, so please consider doing three things right now to Take Action:

1. Sign the petition ( asking for an immediate end to the wolf cull in Alberta (the Red Deer Advocate article explains why this cull is so wrong, as does my blog entry from January titled ‘1000 Dead Wolves and Counting’ ( — here’s the official petition if you haven’t already signed it:

2. Join Wolf Matters on Facebook and stay abreast of what’s going on with wolf management in Alberta. They also have a website at This is a fledgling organization that I have become a part of, so please consider supporting them in any way you can.

3. Email the premier of Alberta, Jim Prentice, and the Minister of the Environment, Kyle Fawcett, and let them know you are against the wolf cull and strongly against the use of snaring and strychnine poisoning to kill wolves (again, read that article above if you want some grisly visions in your head before writing your email) — they can be emailed at (Prentice) and (Fawcett).
Please let me know what you think of all of this in the Comments below and please consider ‘Sharing’ this link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to expand its reach. Thank you everyone for helping get the word out.


3 Comments on “Death by a Thousand Cuts

March 20, 2015 at 7:29 pm

Man has always been the real enemy to Nature.
Trophy hunters take the biggest and best, tben when the herd starts declining, the fingers point to everything but the real problums.
And it's a sad world indeed, that uses poisons, and snares.
The only way things will ever change,is when we weed out all the morons that think this kind of behavior is exceptable.
The will of the people, should be upheld, not the warped beliefs of a fue misquided polititions.

March 21, 2015 at 12:36 am

Yesterday I saw an amazing video from THEMINDUNLEASED.ORG entitled " When they bought the wolves to Yellowstone they had no clue this would be the result". It shows how wolves have changed the physical shape of the environment…totally cool and another reason we should not be hunting them.

April 15, 2015 at 9:11 pm

Anyone who would place a snare to capture a animal and let it die , has no Conscience and has no honor and no redeeming human qualities , Wild animals were on this earth long before we got here,
it amazes me in this day and age with all we know and all we have developed that we still act in such
Barbaric ways, we claim to be a society of good and decent people then we show just how horrible we can still be. To think that any Politician would sign off on such practices makes me
question that persons integrity and his morality and his conscience to the office in which that person serves the Public , it also make me question what kind of person they are personally, anyone knowing what a snare does to an animal or poison and says hey that' a good idea, Does not deserve the office
they hold and does not deserve any respect and we as the public need to go out and vote them out of office, personally I say to the minister who signed off on the killing of wolves in this fashion , You are a Coward with a yellow streak down your back, you have no redeeming human qualities , you represent the worst in human kind and I don't know how you manage to look at yourself in the mirror each day, you don't deserve to live in society and quite frankly I think you are responsible for Murder
because lets face it, letting a wolf choke to death at the end of a snare is blatant murder ,
you have the chance here to do the right thing and show your a better person and be able to look at your children and tell them you did something honorable and not live the legacy of a lying Coward
we as a society need to strive to make better decisions and show we can do better and leave behind
our aggressive ways and teach our children the values of nature and how precious it is both as a place of wonder and beauty and a place of resource and upsetting natures delicate balance come with consequence as we can see with the drastic change in our earths weather patterns of the past several years, thanks for posting this info John
Steve Woods


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