Coastal Wolf Photography Tour - British Columbia, Canada
A Unique Opportunity to Photograph Wild Coastal Wolves

Join John for a Coastal Wolf Photo Tour in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia
Trip Departure Point: Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Trip Dates: August 2nd-11th, 2019
Trip Cost:
$6495 Cdn + gst, all-inclusive from Prince Rupert (SOLD OUT)

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Coastal Wolf Photo Tours by John E. Marriott
A coastal wolf in the Great Bear Rainforest

A 9-day photo adventure into the remote northern reaches of the Great Bear Rainforest in search of coastal sea wolves with Gitgaat First Nations guides and crew. The wilderness of this region is a refuge for wildlife and is home to some of the highest population densities of wolves in North America. These wolves are genetically distinct from their interior counterparts and are uniquely adapted to their coastal rainforest environment.

This adventure is specifically designed to provide you with the best possible opportunities for watching and photographing these elusive and beautiful carnivores while learning about their ecology. It is also an opportunity to camp out close to nature in a wild corner of the Great Bear Rainforest that few people ever witness.

Participants should arrive in good physical and mental shape prepared for a flexible itinerary that may require quite a bit of physical activity, including hiking on uneven and wet terrain. Weather conditions may be variable and participants must be prepared for summer coastal weather, including hot direct sun, torrential rain and chilly mornings. However, while the conditions may be difficult at times, the rewards are worth it, as you will become part of a small, exclusive group of people that have explored the wonders of the Great Bear Rainforest in search of wolves! Maximum six participants per tour (plus leader).

All Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours are non-smoking tours. Participants will be required to sign a waiver.

Please note that a $1000 non-refundable deposit via cheque or email bank transfer is required to reserve your spot on a Coastal Wolf Photography Tour. The balance owing, including gst, is due 120 days prior to your trip departure and is also non-refundable; however, upon cancellation, this balance owing may be transferred to another workshop or tour if John is able to fill your spot. We highly recommend all workshop and tour participants purchase independent trip cancellation insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

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Stay Tuned for More Information on John's 2020 Coastal Wolf Photography Trips to British Columbia.

Coastal Wolf Photo Tour in the Great Bear Rainforest (tentative dates August 2020)

Contact John if you are interested in more details as they become available for his 2020 coastal wolf photography tours